Organize A Garage

organize garage

If you feel your garage look crowded, and messy, because many things piling up, and are not well organized in every corner in your garage, such as gardening tools, leftover paint, spare part, suitcases, cardboard, old newspapers, bikes, and more. So, this is the time for you to create your garage becoming more organized, and neat. Garages are often used as storage place for things that are not used, or not want removed. Like the other room in your home, the garage also requires nice arrangement to be a comfortable room to linger over there.

How to organize a garage?

1. Make a plan

The most important thing is to know what your garage will be used for, such as a place for cars, tools, secondhand things, and others that you want to be put in the garage.

2. Empty a garage

Begin to empty a garage, remove all things in it.

3. Decorate a garage

Paint over the wall, and ceiling, or replace the lamp, and a damaged floor.Choose things to be placed.
Most of the objects that will be placed in garage are usually not used, and old things that do not want removed. Alternatively, there are also broken things that have not been repaired. Basically, you do not have to put all those things in your garage, choose one that really wants you to put it in garage. Be sure to choose your priority!

4. Inventory and storage

Inventory will help you to group things that will be placed, and specify the right storage place.
For oil, cleaners, wipes, and parts, put in the closet, basket, or container and place it in a high position; You have to put it in a place that is not exposed to light, heat, and far from the reach of children and pets. For brooms, shovels, hoses, plant scissors, watering plants, hoses, seeds, fertilizers, and pots, you can store them in a closet,  shelves, or hang on the wall.

ideas to organize a garage

Garage Workbench


source: Transform Home

A clean and very organized garage


source: Joe Schmelzer

Ultra organized garage


source: Country Living

man cave in garage


source: Muskoka Living

garage garden rooms


source: Kitchens by Deane

Well organized garage with carpet tiles, industrial table, red tool cart and recycling bins.


source: Martha Stewart

Well organized garage with utility cabinets with chalkboard doors, stool and vintage bins

organize-a-garage-6source: Martha Stewart

Fun and colorful garage design with lots of storage space


source: Martha Stewart

Well organized garage with white plastic stacked recycling bins, white utility shelf, tools organizer peg board and hanging shelf

organize-a-garage-8source: Martha Stewart

Work station in garage with carpet tiles, wood work station, black plastic tool bins and tool boxes

organize-a-garage-9source: Martha Stewart

Super organized garage with carpet tiles, wood work station, stainless steel utility shelves and cart

organize-a-garage-10source: Martha Stewart

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