Pep Up Your Table with These 25 Decorative Bowls

Decorative bowls can be used more than just for serving fresh fruit or salad. They are a clever way to let your table looks fantastic. Thankfully, they come in so many shapes, colors, textures and styles that you are sure to find the bowls that will work perfectly for you.

Here are 25 decorative bowls that will pep up your table:

Decorative Bowls

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1. Excellent Kaj Franck Enamel Mushroom Bowls ($200.00) via House of Séance


This set is designed mid-century modern Scandinavian enamel bowl in the popular Mushroom design by Finel / Arabia. This set featuring beautifully on the bowl.

2. PYREX Pink Nesting Bowl ($105.00) via Edelweiss And Olive


Super girlie ‘Pink’ bowl! All of these bowl extremely durable for more than 50 years.

3. Curved Concrete Fruit Bowl ($120.00) via IN.SEK DESIGN


Thin and flexible, this is really an elegant bowl. This bowl can be used for various decorative purposes, and very pretty when used to serve fruits and fresh vegetables. Abstract shape and beautiful colors will allow you to interpret how to use it.

4. Small Bowls Brown (€26.00) // Small Bowls with Dots (€26.00) via Nona Bruna


This unit consists of a set of three small brown bowl, measuring 9 x 5cm, 8 x 4.5 cm, 7.5 x 5 com. Use them to decorate your kitchen.

Three small bowls that will pamper and add delicious sense to your food.

5. Cabo Melamine Serve Bowl ($29.50) // Colored Wood Bowls (SALE $49.99) via Pottery Barn


Serve your favorite dish with a festive bowl painted. The design is very real, and makes bowls melamine looks like real pottery.

Eye catching Bowls, and very light. Use them to decorate your walls to get cheerful and unique textured walls.

6. White Porcelain Bowl ($90.00) via studio joo


Elegant white porcelain bowl with some warm speckles / color. This bowls are very beautiful. Use them when a formal event to give an elegant look.

7. Large Salad Bowl – Turquoise Trail ($68.00) via JANET WILLIAMS pottery


This stoneware is unique in every piece, made glazed by hand. Very safe for the dishwasher, microwave, and oven.

8. Gigantic Family Size Serving Bowl ($215.00) via Wind and Willow Home


Yay! This huge bowl can be used for a family party up to 20 people. You don’t have to bother anymore about how to serve the food at family party. This bowl also became huge statement on the coffee table too.

9. Bowl #1 By Derek Wilson (£48.00) // Rocking Bowls By CJ O’Neill (£25.00) via Snug Gallery


This bowl made by Renowned ceramicist Derek Wilson, and each bowl is stamped with Derek in the base. This bowl has measurements vary due to manufacturing processes.

Stunning ball ‘rocking’ white porcelain bowl made by ceramicist Cj O’Neill in Manchester. These bowls are available in various forms, either plain or pierced with small holes in a circular design.

10. Vintage Jens H Quistgaard ‘Viking’ Solid Teak Fruit Bowl (£295.00) via dad-design


Solid teak bowls designed in 1958 for the Danish Design Denmark, with forms like a Viking helmet.

11. Rock Maple Bowl ($255.00)// Stoneware + Porcelain Salt Bowl ($42.00) via Herriott Grace


Rock maple bowl with beautiful shape, and details of a good knot, and has black and gray marks with a smooth glossy finish.

Beautiful little bowls made in the UK by Sue Paraskeva, and has a smooth glossy interior.

12. Gills Bowl (£49.00) via Bettina Nissen Design


The Gills Bowl is a foldable fruit bowl made of laser cut steel. This bowl is sold as a flat object, and is available in 4 color combinations.

13. Some Black Some White ($40.00) via ONE and MANY


4 unique set of black and white ceramic bowl, where each bowl gets color separately. These bowls can be a very nice addition to the dining table and a modern kitchen, or to be kept in chic shelves.

14. Cherry Bowl (€63.00) via Anna Puig


Cherry bowl that has the edge and the base of the bowl are flat. Use this bowl to store candy or keys.

15. Aqua Fade Bowl ($30.00) via Up In The Air Somewhere


Small pair of paper mache bowls in a beautiful texture. These small bowls are excellent for storing water plants, rings, keys, etc.

16. Hematite Platonic Bowl ($495.00) via Whitecloud Pottery


Bowl with an equilateral triangle models are coated with a dark metallic glaze. This bowl will provide a brilliant contrast when used for serving vegetables or fruit. This bowl too designed to look hanging on the wall.

17. Nibble Bowl ($105.00) via Patricia Fernandes


This gorgeous bowl is perfect for sweet or savory foods! It would be a fabulous gift for yourself or for the people around you.

18. Extra Large Cathrineholm Yellow Bowl ($189.00) via Gallivanting Girls


Bright colorful bowl designed by Grete Prytz this Kittelsen and manufactured in Norway. They are a favorite of collector’s cookware.

19. Ostrich Serving Bowls ($175.00) via Robert Siegel


This nice serving bowl to serve fruit on the dining table, or just as a decoration in your dining room. This bowl will make your dining room look bright.

20. Berry Bowls Fruit Strainer Mushrooms Bowls ($36.00) via Light a Fire


You’ll love this Berry Bowl. This bowl is perfect when used to serve berries from the garden or market.

21. Ceramic Bowl in White and Teal ($110.00) via Ross Lab


A set of simple yet romantic bowl, this bowl is perfect for breakfast or dessert.

22. Geo Bowl ($19.90) via Kina Ceramic Design


Geo-inspired porcelain bowl that is perfect for butter, nuts, seeds, small fruits or pickles.

23. Pastel Painted Bowls ($25.00) via sixtybeansVntg


A set of 4 teak wood bowl with an unusual oval shape. It will be gorgeous to serving salads, or things like dried beans – not to hot dish!

24. Faccia Serving Bowl ($98.00) via Anthropologie


Cheerful bowl that can be used to serving fresh fruit. The face in the bowl will make our mood to be cheerful and happy.

25. Sculpted Geo Bowl ($4.00)// ferm LIVING Spear Bowl ($89.00) via Urban Outfitters


Another geo-inspired bowls are very stylish and versatile.

Serving bowls with colorful geometric detail, which perfect as a fruit bowl.

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